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Being A Rape Child

Life for a rape child can be really difficult; the book far from the tree’ talks about raising children conceived of rape. More often than not, they suffer from psychological disorder and diverse cases of depression. However, it doesn’t end there for them.

  •  A Constant Reminder

In some cases, raped mothers consider giving up their children for adoption. This is because keeping them around might be a constant reminder of their pains. For those who choose to keep them around; if care is not taken, they might end up lashing out on such child at the slightest provocation. This leads to an unending trauma for the child in question.

  • Unanswered Questions

A rape child will be faced with several questions such as ‘who is my father?’ ‘Do I take after him in anyway?’ ‘Am I responsible for my mother’s unhappiness?’ and many more. Until one learns to let go of the stigma, such questions will continually run through the mind.

  • Society

Society plays a role in the lives of rape children, some roles are positive while some are negative. Whichever way, society’s perception goes a long way in determining how victims see themselves.

‘Rape survivors are the victims…their children are the forgotten victims’


Being A Rape Child Doesn’t Define Your Existence

In the course of life, there are certain things one realizes; one of which is the fact that some decisions and choices aren’t up to us. For instance, you don’t get to choose what part of the world to be born into, the family to be born into and the circumstances surrounding ones birth.

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However, what really matters is turning your seemingly disadvantage into a stepping stone for success.

A rape child is one conceived in rape


Story Of Your Life Vs Your Life’s Story

rape child

Story Of Your Life

Just as mentioned earlier, there are some things you have absolutely no control over; such things are completely beyond you, being a rape child is one of them. It is nothing but the story of your life, it doesn’t define you neither does it reduce your chances for living a great life. The moment you stop defining your worth by the situation surrounding your birth, you open up a door for soul healing.


Your Life’s Story

rape child

Being a rape child can be the story of your life, what you make out of it becomes your life’s story. Quit dwelling on the past, never see yourself as an accidental misconception, you have as much right to live as one who isn’t a rape child. Never let your shame rob you of your fame, you are made for so much more.

Your life’s story isn’t about your surrounding situation; it is who you’ve become regardless of the circumstances surrounding your existence.

Being A Rape Child Doesn’t Rob You Of Your Dignity

Never think less of yourself because of the story of your life, being a rape child doesn’t make you less worthy of honour and respect. Don’t let that stop you from commanding the respect you deserve; you’re not meant to succumb to every darts thrown at you all because you feel you have no right to stand up for yourself.

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Put whoever thinks less of you because of the story of your life in their rightful place and preserve your dignity.


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  1. When I called you my muse I wasn’t joking. This is extraordinary and intelligent. Being a rape child as a whole lot of challenges, thank you being a a blessing. May your ink never run dry pumpkin

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