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Public Transport: 7 Things You Should Never Do In A Public Bus

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public transport

Public transport happens to be my source of commuting right now; I’m yet to ‘hammer’ so I have to make do with what’s available. After a pretty long day and an abusive relationship with Lagos traffic, I was finally beginning to calm my nerves. Suddenly, a sharp sound pierced through my left ear.

public transport

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Boy!! It was really annoying; guess where the noise came from, a man behind me receiving a phone call.

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I was like ‘dude, this is a public transport not your bedroom’. Ofcourse I didn’t say that out loud but if the man was paying attention, he would have heard it in my head.

Let’s just say this nasty experience made me come up with this post about things you shouldn’t do in a public transport.

Public Transport Is Not A Business Centre

Shout out to all boos and baes out there who forget they are in a public transport the moment their cell phones rings. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t pick calls in a bus, I receive calls too.

The point is, try as much as possible to tune down the loudspeaker in your voice. No one enjoys highlighting a bus with migraine invented by your loud call voice.

Poor Hygiene? Do Not Raise Your Arm

This particular one cannot be overemphasized, if you have smelly armpits; do not, I repeat do not raise your arms in the bus or car or whatever is not your personal space.

This can be really disgusting and I’m sure you don’t wanna be responsible for passengers puking in the bus.

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Let Those Legs Remain Closed

I’ve had a lot of this with the men but I’m sure some women are guilty of the charge too. When you sit in a public transport, always keep those legs closed. Don’t occupy other’s space by keeping your legs spread out wide

Do Not Tune Your Music To The Loudest

First things first, I’m a great lover of music. With that out of the way; when in a public transport, listen to your music but do not force other passengers to listen to it too.

Reduce the volume of the music as much as it takes to listen to it alone, and never forget to plug in your earpiece or headset.

Never Sing Along With Earpiece Or Headset Plugged In

One thing with having an earpiece or headset on and singing along is that you really can’t tell when your voice is at its loudest.

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Please resist the urge to sing along when listening to your music except you’re really sure you can keep the volume down.

Keep Your Sneeze Time Personal

Courtesy demands you cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing; please this rule still stands, even in a public transport.

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Ensure you have a handkerchief; do not sneeze in people’s faces. They definitely had a clean bath before leaving home.

Don’t Make Small Talks

Guys, please stop trying to hit on girls in a public transport and vice versa. Personally, I enjoy commuting in silence as it allows me to study the environment I find myself in.

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Most people go as far as forcing a discussion on their seat partners. Guy!! What part of keep quiet don’t you understand?

I could go on and on with my rants; the list is really endless but this is where I stop for today.

What do you detest in a public transport?



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