MUST READ: 5 Proven Ways to Meet your Dream Man

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We live in a world where finding love and your Dream Man seems to be the order of the day. Constant heartbreaks and disappointment have led several ladies to believing maybe love isn’t just for them. The truth is, love is meant for everybody and by everybody I mean with the exception of no one. Be you tall or short, fat or slim, beautiful or not so beautiful; whatever your status is, you can still find love; a lasting one at that.

Who is a Dream Man?

According to

A Dream Man is a man who is extremely attractive both inside and out. A man that makes you feel so good you feel as if you are in a wonderful dream when it is in fact reality.

Dream Man

Below are 5 steps you should take as a lady in order to meet that dream man of yours:

Quit The Desperation

First of All, Being desperate will bring you nothing but settling for less than you truly desire. Desperation puts a veil across your face that makes you see every man who comes your way as ‘the one’. Young lady, quit being desperate and get a hold on yourself.

Get A Life

This particular point cannot be overemphasized. Ladies, stop looking for a man to complete you and start living your dreams. Ask yourself, if I meet my dream man now, what do I have to offer him? What exactly am I bringing to the table? You see, no man can ever fill a void created by your inability to make something tangible out of your life; only living your dreams can fill that void. What do you have passion for? What makes you tick? Find out and start pursuing them. Constantly be at the center of your inspiration.

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Know What You Want

In addition to getting a life, know what you want. This phase is actually not possible if you don’t have a life. Once you have something you are living for, it goes a long way in knowing the kind of man that will be just right for you. What qualities do you want in your man? Now I’m not talking about the whole tall, dark, handsome and pocket loaded crap. These are vital but they shouldn’t be the basis for your decision. When making your list, also leave room for flexibility but not at the expense of compromising your standards. When you have certain qualities you want in your man, not every proposal you get will tickle your fancy.

Groom Your Character

Beauty with brains with zero character will lead you no where near attracting the man of your dreams. Groom your character, find out what part of this you’re lacking and work towards developing yourself everyday. Learn the art of polite conversation, rule out rudeness and also learn appreciation and the power of saying I’m sorry; whether or not you are right.

Visit The Right Places

Lastly, possessing all the above mentioned attributes and remaining stuck in your closet won’t bring anyone near you talk less of the man you desire. Step out, visit places, and attend conferences. Go to respectable places where you can meet respectable men. When you find yourself in such places, put on confidence, make intelligent talks, wear a smile and be open for such opportunities to meet new people.

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In conclusion, follow these steps diligently and your dream man will find you in no time. Got more suggestions, do not hesitate to leave your comments below.



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