Friday, April 19

Dressing: Dress Your Age Or Dress The Trend

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What Society Says

In this part of the world where I live, dressing is an aspect of life that is looked upon critically especially by adults. Wear this, don’t wear that, why would one even wear such a thing like that? These and many more are statements to be heard hear when one dresses in a particular way.

Left to society (where I’m from), people would rather you dressed your age and for those who choose to throw caution to the wind and dress the trend; in most cases, they are frowned at.

What I Say

Being the kind of person I am, ‘a partial tomboy’ I use partial because I’m seriously working towards dressing more feminine. A dress pattern for me on a normal day would be a pair of T-shirts and jacket on a jean with sneakers, all-stars or any footwear but shoes. More often than not, I don’t dress the age neither do I dress the trend.

I simply wear whatever it is that makes me comfortable.


Dressing Your Age Vs The Trend

Like the popular saying, ‘the way you dress is the way you will be addressed’ most people dress their age in order to command the respect that comes with age even it really doesn’t make them comfortable.

Why not simply go for the whole package? Be comfortable, be fashionable and command respect. It’s very possible.

While dressing the age might allow people into your ‘matured world’, dressing the trend gives room to look smarter, fashionable and with an aura of confidence .

Dressing The Trend Isn’t Same As Indecent Dressing

While most people stay on top of their game by following the trend, others take things a little further and extreme by wearing indecent and revealing outfits. Note that by dressing like this, you are passing a message across to people on how to relate with you.

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Be you, stay real, dress comfortably but apply decency.

How would you rather dress? The trend or your age?


About Author

I’m Alara Karis, a writer and blogger who simply loves living each day at a time. Some call me a nerd, some call me a professor. But if you ask me, I’ll simply say I’m an artist who enjoys painting the world in words.


  1. Nice post here! I’m more of the person who would neither dress the trend(I seem to constantly be displeased by what’s trending, it usually never appeals to me) nor my age(I like to think i’m more mature upstairs, and would dress according to my mental age, than the physical age, lol)

    • It’s like that for most people. Personally, I don’t like wearing what’s trending but what makes me comfortable. Thanks for stopping by Truthzombie

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