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Book Review: Fading Away By Akingboye Deborah

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In the book review of a great story, a reader wouldn’t expect less than a really brilliant story when choosing to digest a book written by the delectable, beautiful and brilliant Debs of Debwritesblog. I’ve digested it so here’s the book review for Fading Away

The book is a bestseller of all time; past, present and future as far as I am concerned and I’m really sure you will think the same after reading this awesome piece which is the reason for this book review.


What To Expect From A Great Story

Not all great stories are told however, not all told stories are great; for a story to pass as a great piece worthy of a book review, it must possess these elements:

  • Pity
  • Fear
  • Cathasis

For the sake of this book review, I won’t go into full details on the qualities of a great story but expect it in another post; so back to the business of the day, a book review on fading away by Debs.


‘Fading away has painted

a lucid picture of pity, fear

and catharsis all in one story’


Fading Away: The Book Review

The book is a story based poetry written by Akingboye Deborah, she is a writer and blogger at Debwritesblog. Deborah loves exploring issues around relationships, love, fashion, books, movies, health, career and basically everything you can think of in terms of lifestyle.

Guess what guys..she’s a naturalista (team natural hair), a pretty one at that.

In Fading Away, Debs tells a story of abuse, love and betrayal; no book I’ve read so far has painted these three in a most captivating manner.


Once again, this is not an exaggeration, but how will you find out that if you don’t read the book for yourself?

Read further, you’ll find the link for download right at the end of this book review

Can Satisfying Others at the Expense of Yourself Be Termed Love?

book review


Like the common saying, Love conquers all, and overlooks all shortcomings; is this really true? Would satisfying others at the expense of yourself be termed love? Fading Away provides a comprehensive answer to this question; download yours and get answers to this delicate question.

Join Debs in Fading Away as she takes you through a journey on finding answers through an insatiable quest for love until she losts herself in the process and then finds redemption through writing.


Have you been broken?

Currently broken?


Messed up because of love? 

Plagued with low self esteem?’


If you answer yes to any of these questions, and even if you answered, Fading Away is the right answer for you hence, you really should get it.

In conclusion guys, grab your copy and tell someone to tell someone to grab a copy too. Please don’t let me type this epistle for nothing, lol. Download your copy here .

Thanks for reading this through to the very end; don’t I just love you so much?? You bet I do.




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