Tuesday, December 11


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If I ever thought hostel life and fun ended right there in the university, I couldn’t be more wrong. Camping at the permanent NYSC Orientation Camp in Jalingo, Taraba State opened up a whole new phase of fun, experiences and activities.

  • The Friendship Zone


It is really an avenue for meeting new and wonderful people who you never imagined to meet in your lifetime


  • The Band

I’ve got real passion for music and musical instruments and I found a perfect spot for that right there in camp

IMG_20160509_181553      IMG_20160507_172110 IMG_20160509_181835



  • Kung Fu

Well Well Well, some little exercise here and there will definitely do no harm winks

IMG_20160609_175246         IMG_20160609_175035

In one word, camp was FUN

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