Thursday, March 21

The Baton Nigeria

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The Baton


So I found myself somewhere on the streets of Ogba Lagos last Saturday 26th of May 2017; I wasn’t there alone though. I was there alongside men and women (all youths, so you don’t start picturing men in glasses and wrappers) who have made up their minds to stand for and represent the change they want to see in our beloved country Nigeria (I am also among the ‘they’).


I’m talking about the great, dynamic  and unique BATON. BATON is an acronym for Builders And Transformers Of Nations established with an aim of birthing a brand new Nigeria.

Our Journey

Ours was a team of about 10 ; seems small? Well, what’s that saying again? Little drops of water make a mighty ocean, that’s right.




I can boldly and proudly say we left an indelible print everywhere we stepped into that day.


The Experience


Oh my!! What more can I say other than ‘IT WAS AWESOME’. It wasn’t easy at some point though (when the sun decided to display its talent) but it was definitely worth it. Describing the categories of people we met in three different forms, I’ll say we met with the good, the bad and the ugly.


The good

God bless Nigerians who still believe in and have hope that our beloved country still has a whole lot of good in it. These ones encouraged us and even went as far as praying that all that we desire for Nigeria will come to past.

The bad

Now what can I say? Some Nigerians are not smiling at all. These ones wont even so much as look in our direction not to talk of listening to what we had to say. They simply shook their heads (in a manner that meant ‘keep deceiving yourselves) at us and moved on. We didn’t let that deter us though (at least they didn’t attack us).

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The ugly

You see these ones; they didn’t buy our ideology, they didn’t believe there’s hope for Nigeria. You know the worst part, they didn’t let us leave peacefully either. One man even went as far as keeping us for minutes only to tell us he has been carrying placards since 2009 (and I was like ‘I am not understanding’ in Falz’s voice) and he believes change can only come from the Government. I can go on and on but since I’m trying to contain everything in the shortest way possible, I’ll stop here.

I think I’ll have an interview with the brains behind BATON NIGERIA one of these days but till then, you won’t want to miss out on being in a team of world changers. Visit, register and bring change to Nigeria today.


About Author

I’m Alara Karis, a writer and blogger who simply loves living each day at a time. Some call me a nerd, some call me a professor. But if you ask me, I’ll simply say I’m an artist who enjoys painting the world in words.


    • Yayyy!!! Now that’s the spirit I’m talking about. At some point I thought one man was going to tear me into pieces for trying to take pictures? but thank God he didn’t. He was just the definition of frustration.

  1. Wow! Proud to be a Nigerian, not only that, but also a part of this great movement… BATON!!! GOD BLESS NIGERIA! GOD BLESS BATON! GOD BLESS ALARA KARIS… Proud of you dear! Love you loads dear… Keep soaring high dear!

  2. Oluwatosin Reallion Samuels on

    Yes, the BATON ideology captures all that is needed to redefine and reposition this great nation. As Nigerians, we can’t just keep complaining and analysing the terrible state of the nation, nothing really changes unless a systematic action is taken: according to Newton’s first law of motion! I recommend BATON for every Nigerian who seek the true change we need. Join the movement at

    Thanks Alara Karis for featuring this history making event.

  3. Keep up the good work guys! Change can’t come from the government instill we compel them to change. As long as we appear comfortable with the situation, they will remain comfortable bcos “why bother yourself?”

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