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Home For Christmas By Ada Ibe

Sarah Some would say that the air in Calabar changed at Christmas, becoming fresher, smoother, and happy. You could almost taste it. Unfortunately none of…

Ghosts of Childhood

I went to get my father’s favorite brand of alcohol ‘Chelsea’ just a few miles away from my street. I was ten years old with the…

What Keeps You Going?

The Dilemma Isn’t it ironical that the same dreams and aspirations that keeps us moving towards accomplishment at times can also almost drive us nuts? Well,…


Translation Abiku ( still born) So ku aboye? ( is she dead or alive?) Oye (she’s alive) Thank God she decided to stay this time. Perhaps…

Diary of Lagos Job Seekers

So I finished my service year with a whole lot of expectations. I still remember vividly the common advice from several people back then; ‘make sure…

So Am I Scared?

Life is in stages, men are in sizes; how true can this be. So I find myself in a particular stage of my life right now…

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