Frenemies: Relationships You Should Do Without

Who Are They? Why keep them around when they can’t make you abound? Friends who are neither here nor there; you know what, never leave room for frenemies. They are the type of friends whose words or actions bring you down; most times, you know it’s better to let go of friends like this but […]

Dressing: Dress Your Age Or Dress The Trend

What Society Says In this part of the world where I live, dressing is an aspect of life that is looked upon critically especially by adults. Wear this, don’t wear that, why would one even wear such a thing like that? These and many more are statements to be heard hear when one dresses in […]

Plight of a Job Seeker: Diary of Lagos Job Seekers

False Job Alert   Lagos state is full of hustlers, they will do just anything to make money including inviting you for a non-existing interviews. This can be the plight of job seekers in Lagos State at times. As a job-seeker, you make use of every avenue possible to seek for jobs, including the internet […]

Ghosts of Childhood

I went to get my father’s favorite brand of alcohol ‘Chelsea’ just a few miles away from my street. I was ten years old with the innocence of a child but an experience way beyond my age. The sound of thunder hastened my steps as I rushed to make it in time to the shop […]

What Keeps You Going?

The Dilemma Isn’t it ironical that the same dreams and aspirations that keeps us moving towards accomplishment at times can also almost drive us nuts? Well, I don’t know about you so I should probably speak for myself. Sometimes I’m just so fired up to run with my dreams; other times, all I want to […]


Translation Abiku ( still born) So ku aboye? ( is she dead or alive?) Oye (she’s alive) Thank God she decided to stay this time. Perhaps the heavens got tired and decided to let the earth have its share of her mischief. The midwife said amidst smiles. Twas my forth time on earth and I […]

Diary of Lagos Job Seekers

So I finished my service year with a whole lot of expectations. I still remember vividly the common advice from several people back then; ‘make sure you graduate with a good grade so you will get a good and well paid job. Well, after all has been said and done, I can boldly say it’s […]

So Am I Scared?

Life is in stages, men are in sizes; how true can this be. So I find myself in a particular stage of my life right now and a part of me feels so scared of what’s coming next.   The phase where I have to face my future squarely and become a hundred percent responsible […]

Whispers (3)

Whisper: to speak with soft, hushed sounds, using the breath, lips, etc., but       with no vibration of the vocal cords. If you missed out on the previous post, read it here The sound of the light switch jerked he back to reality; why had he chosen to leave the lights on this […]

The Baton Nigeria

The Baton So I found myself somewhere on the streets of Ogba Lagos last Saturday 26th of May 2017; I wasn’t there alone though. I was there alongside men and women (all youths, so you don’t start picturing men in glasses and wrappers) who have made up their minds to stand for and represent the […]