Friday, April 19


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1st of July 2014 started out on a wrong note, my alarm clock that was set to 5a.m the previous night didn’t wake me, no thanks to the previous day’s stress.

I jumped out of bed and hurried through everything from cleaning up to getting dressed and finding my way put of the house. It appeared everything wasn’t just working out right. I got to the middle of the street only to discover I left my transport fare in the house. OMG!!!! went all the way back home and stepped out finally to get a bus.


The traffic was like all hell’s been let loose. I just sat still in the bus with diverse thoughts running through my head. This continued for a while till I eventually told myself “worried or not” this is the pure definition of extreme lateness on my first day at work”

On and on the journey continued, then to add pepper to the already excruciating pain…….. there it was, a completely unexpected and so not welcomed visitor. JEEZ!!!!!!! My period saying ‘hi’ to me in a bus and that in the middle of nowhere. WHO DOES THAT???


Oh, that moment when you just wish the rapture would occur and the whole world come to an end. I needed to do something real fast otherwise I’ll end up totally stained on arriving at work. To my right was a young man who should be in his early thirties and to my left a ‘ not too young and not too old man’.

Well, tough times require tough measures, I had to fix myself right there in the bus and puleeeeezzzzzzz, dont ask me how. Few hours later, I finally arrived at work… twenty minutes past 10a.m..

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Guess what I met on my arrival…………to be continued in the next episode.


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