Thursday, March 21

Just Courage – Joy

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My people, just a small message today, I promise:

Give yourself only 10 seconds today, now, to think:

I am where i am today, WOW – look at me, look at how far i’ve come, wow, i’m 27 [use your age here] and i already have a masters degree [or a family, or an unexpected baby, or my own business, my own professional or personal blog, a prestigious position in my eyes not necessarily society’s too…

[Add YOUR accomplishments in *here*; Come on, do it].

I’m also working in Economic Research in a place where i chose to be and actually earned myself with my own hard work and sweat..

[ What else have YOU done so far?Make a list and share with us below, go on]

Wait i’m not done yet dear diary:

I am also teaching as a part-timer; you see dear Diary,  I have found THE WAY by which my life touches people, souls, others who need it, every day

[What is your own thing? Have You written your own poem, text, or book, sculpted your own piece of art, or cooked your own chef d’oeuvre? What is it that made you tick and just Find Life and be the life you are living now? Add it in! ]

Now, for all of the above my beautiful people, you have had COURAGE:

I shared something with my chain of Good Day Emails today .. someone had once shared it with me and i am very grateful they did because i know someone in my chain of people needs to be reminded of this, and Congratulated for THEIR Courage in this Life – a courage beyond anyone’s understanding, yes, Be proud of you, and never forget how you got yourself here, never forget to count the Blessings you brought to yourself,

Why dont you Read  A WARDROBE CHANGE


We have come here to learn how to be courageous. I do not think life asks us for anything else more than it does, for Courage.

Everything on earth, it seems, is set up to test our courage, and give us chances to find our bravery, inside, my people.

As human beings, we will need courage for every important thing we do on this Earth – to love, to create, to share, to transform your life,

to fight for your own goodness, to overcome heart-shattering losses,

to tell the truth, to face criticism, to rise above your inner darkness,

to stand up for yourself, to defend those who are weaker than you,

to face down those who are stronger than you, to find your own pathway with God,

to ask for help, to offer help, to sear for Joy, to express your pain,

to grieve, to hold on tight at certain times – and other times, to just walk away.

If you are stuck or lost right now, and wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life now, next?

I can tell you this: You are supposed to find your COURAGE.

Actually, you already have, you’re not waiting for a post like mine to get over that challenge or make your own life despite someone else wrecking it for you over and over .. ?

Hats off to YOU today, for being Courageous.

Let’s find Courage today, tomorrow, and forever onward , shall we?


Truly Yours,


Source: Wegrowthroughothers


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