Thursday, March 21

It Shouldn’t Trouble You

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So I thought you guys should see this, was inspired. Originally posted on

Why dont you Read  THE CAMP EXPERIENCE

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I’m Alara Karis, a writer and blogger who simply loves living each day at a time. Some call me a nerd, some call me a professor. But if you ask me, I’ll simply say I’m an artist who enjoys painting the world in words.


  1. Overwhelmed. very overwhelmed u sharing my words like u did so generously… I am ever so grateful i met you here.
    For real, u just gave me a leap of faith. thank you. PS: been thinking on that brainstorm all week, and i still stand terrified at the thought… any suggestion as to how to get that engine started? im so terrified, im so comfortable writing usually, and besides, how would i pick a theme/topic ? ! aaaah ! (*freaking out* this is surreal)
    Oh Karis, grateful that you’ve allowed me to spend my week thinking about how/when/why would i do it, in this life, not the next!
    With all my love,

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