Thursday, March 21

Frenemies: Relationships You Should Do Without

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Who Are They?


Why keep them around when they can’t make you abound? Friends who are neither here nor there; you know what, never leave room for frenemies. They are the type of friends whose words or actions bring you down; most times, you know it’s better to let go of friends like this but still keep them around.

Reason being because you feel they are nice and don’t want to hurt their feelings. Frenemies are ‘good people that can always be counted on to bring one down in future’, toxic people who are always particular about one’s success not because they care but just to find out ‘what’s not going on for you’.


Many times we are surrounded by friends like this without even realizing; more often than not, it’s simply because such friends hide their personalities for so long but truth is we might actually feel it; only if we choose to be sincere with ourselves.

How Do You Identify Them?

There really is no major pointer on identifying frenemies but all that’s really needed is being open to ones self. Mistakes many make at times is trying to overlook some attributes and characters the people we call friends possess that are not healthy until distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy relationships becomes confusing as abnormal traits become normal to us.

Ask yourself, is he or she really my friend? The mere fact that you have to ask this question might be the more reason you need to rethink your relationship with such person. Reason is because ‘real friends don’t need a question tag’; the moment they start leaving room for one, then know it’s time to move on.

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Dealing With Frenemies

There really is no better way of dealing with friends like this other than summoning enough courage to cut them out of your life. They are harmful beings you should do without.

Ever had any experience with such friends? How did you recognize and deal with them?


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