Thursday, March 21

Diary of Lagos Job Seekers

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So I finished my service year with a whole lot of expectations. I still remember vividly the common advice from several people back then; ‘make sure you graduate with a good grade so you will get a good and well paid job. Well, after all has been said and done, I can boldly say it’s easier said than done. Not with the current situation of our very own beloved country Nigeria.


A first class graduate is seen with his already chopped off shoes, coat and big brown envelope containing his credentials (some tushed ‘Nigerian  ones can manage a briefcase) parading the hot sun of Lagos State in search of a job….ANY job at all. He gropes at the sachet of water he manages to buy and sucks the life out of it.



With eyes wide opened, he looks around to check if anyone is looking towards his direction and stylishly drops the now dried sachet on the ground while using his finger to wipe off the river of sweat on his face. On and on he continues this bizarre routine till he finally settles for a job so not befitting for his degree.

Well before I go too deep and rant till night falls, let me face the business of the day…Life of Lagos Job Seekers. Here, I will be writing about experiences of job seekers in the job hunting business. Be on the lookout for this new addition to the site, I can assure you it will be fun.

PS: If you have a job seeking experience you will love to share, kindly notify me in the comment box. Join the fun and share.


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I’m Alara Karis, a writer and blogger who simply loves living each day at a time. Some call me a nerd, some call me a professor. But if you ask me, I’ll simply say I’m an artist who enjoys painting the world in words.

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