Thursday, March 21

Diary Of Lagos Job Seekers: The Interview

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So I received a call for an ‘original interview’ and what happened? My alarm refused to raise an alarm. Well, it’s either that or it actually did raise an alarm but I was so lost in sleep to hear it ring.

Of all days to wake up late, it had to be today; let me explain my sleep pattern. I sleep quite late (2a.m late) and wake up early (5a.m early); was I always like that? Not exactly, I’ll explain further. Let’s just say that’s what you get for living in this particular part of the world; where I stay in Lagos, the power supply routine is like this: 9a.m-11a.m, 5p.m-8p.m, 12a.m-3a.m. this pattern is for days when PHCN (NEPA) chooses to make the world a better place for all to live in. some days, it’s just so pathetic.


My laptop’s battery got damaged so I practically have to work whenever power comes up, I guess this explains my sleeping by 2a.m. Well on this particular day, I chose not to work late so as to sleep early and wake up in time to prepare for my interview. Guess what happened, I became a victim of insomnia for that one night; couldn’t sleep till around 2a.m so I set my alarm for 3:30a.m just to provide me with enough time for ‘let me sleep small’ and eventually wake up by 4a.m, or so I thought.

That was how I woke up 6:30a.m; boy!! I never knew I could be so active. I hurriedly got prepared (to make matters worse, there was no power supply) and in less than 45 minutes, I found my way out of the house.

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Now down to getting a bike to the bus-stop; after waiting impatiently, I finally got one and the conversation was like ‘se change wa’ (do you have change)? I told him I had a hundred naira and he zoomed off claiming not to have 50 naira change.

Considering my present situation, I could have told him to just drop me off and forget the change but the situation of the economy won’t allow for such charity donation.

I walked down and luckily for me, I got another bike who agreed to drop me (he had change too). You would begin to think all will go well once I got to the bus-stop; actually, all was meant to go well if I wasn’t engaged in an abusive relationship with Lagos traffic. If you are an impatient person, Lagos traffic will teach you the act of patience.


At first, I was all bothered about getting to my destination late for my interview but at some point I just had to tell myself ‘worrying or fidgeting won’t make this traffic congestion disappear; you’ll still end up getting there whenever you get there.


After the journey that took forever, I finally arrived at my destination; but not without a bike man charging me extra for my ignorance (that’s what bike men do when you have no clue where you’re going asides the address). On my arrival there, I felt like telling the bike man ‘is this where you charged me this much for?’ I guess I was just too exhausted to challenge him.

Guess what, I got to the interview venue 20 minutes after the scheduled time. You needed to see the big smile in my spirit when I realized my interviewer wasn’t even around yet. I waited for about 2 hours before she finally arrived; while waiting, I kept myself busy with my phone (till the battery got drained), I read (I always go out with at least one book), and I even dozed (took a stylish position though and I had my glasses on with a book in my hand, anyone would think I was reading)

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After all is said and done, the interview was done with and did I get the job? Yes I did but this will be a story for another day.


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  1. Oh.. That extra five minutes of sleep that is essentially and hour of slumber… and then we blame the alarm☺
    Nice one

  2. Lol..this is really funny. Traffic in Lagos would teach one so many lessons. I shared some lessons I learned in traffic on my blog though.

    Congratulations on your new job dear.

  3. the very one time you’d need something that you’d previously always ignored, that’s the time it would ignore you. Ain’t life just petty. haha

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