Wardrobe Check It’s amazing how obsessed we can be about the clothes we put on. Most times, there is always a need to do a thorough wardrobe check and in the process we discard stuffs we don’t need again and replace them with new ones. Surprisingly, there is more to us far beyond the clothes, […]

Highlights From LYDA 5.0

LYDAFRICA One of the decisions I made of recent is to attend events more; and by events I don’t mean just any event; I’m talking about life changing events. I must say that decision has paid off pretty well. Of recent, I was opportune to attend LYDA 5.0. For those who don’t know about what […]


Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been away for a while, was working on something I’m about to disclose to you. Guess what? I finally moved; well I moved from Alarakaris.wordpress.com to Alarakaris.com right here. I got my own personal domain and hosting. Truth is, I wouldn’t have had enough balls to do this without support from […]

In The Bosom of Silence

Is this loneliness? Or do I call it a mood swing When all I hear and feel Is my own heart beat. Driving down into the deep hole of silence Feels a bit scary at first But gradually as it gets deeper I see a twinkling star ahead. A sudden surge of peace seems to […]


I’m sitting all alone in the cold dark night Thoughts of you embedded in my frail heart Like Tom and Jerry, we fought till we were weary Though we were sisters, we always had our moments On and on we went, till time changed our course First your stomach ached and nose bled The doctors […]


  The raindrops beat noisily upon my roof Filled with loud music and its groves Laughter like thunder rent the air Diverse sounds could be heard save that of silence.   Silence?? Yeah silence Not the type found in the desert Nor that observed for a dead being in one minute   It’s one which […]


I woke up to nothing.                     Laying still in the cold dark nightThe last thing I remember being ?????Wait a minute, still searching I dug deeper, went further.     Memories seemed to elude me Pictures completely strange               All […]


Ever wondered why there are different actors and actresses for different roles in a movie? It’s simply because everyone of them can’t play a single role. If this happens, then it’s not worth calling a movie. These actors and actresses have to display their peculiar uniqueness through their diversity. Let’s apply this to our everyday […]


Hi everyone,I can’t seem to come up with a title for this 😉 it’s been quite a long time since I went MIA. So sorry for the inpromptu break. I’m back now and I promise to make up for my absence. I hope you all have a great and lovely day ahead. Stay happy, stay […]