Dating: How to Get a Girl Online


Where are my darling blog readers? My favorite people, the ones who are always ready to listen and read me at all time. Let’s talk about dating today. I almost went MIA 😁 You know I can’t do that to you, just kidding.   I’ve been carried away with the frenzy of my birthday. Yes, […]

Frenemies: Relationships You Should Do Without

Who Are They? Why keep them around when they can’t make you abound? Friends who are neither here nor there; you know what, never leave room for frenemies. They are the type of friends whose words or actions bring you down; most times, you know it’s better to let go of friends like this but […]

MUST READ: 5 Proven Ways to Meet your Dream Man


We live in a world where finding love and your Dream Man seems to be the order of the day. Constant heartbreaks and disappointment have led several ladies to believing maybe love isn’t just for them. The truth is, love is meant for everybody and by everybody I mean with the exception of no one. […]