Translation Abiku ( still born) So ku aboye? ( is she dead or alive?) Oye (she’s alive) Thank God she decided to stay this time. Perhaps the heavens got tired and decided to let the earth have its share of her mischief. The midwife said amidst smiles. Twas my forth time on earth and I […]

In The Bosom of Silence

Is this loneliness? Or do I call it a mood swing When all I hear and feel Is my own heart beat. Driving down into the deep hole of silence Feels a bit scary at first But gradually as it gets deeper I see a twinkling star ahead. A sudden surge of peace seems to […]


​Thought I had it all, but a vacuum remained Thought I knew it all, but a knowledge eluded me Completed the puzzle, yet a piece was missing Deep down in my heart, something felt amiss Saw you for the first time I guess that’s all that was needed For you to leave a lasting impression […]


Hand in hand we walked Oblivious of the one who stalked Side by side we stood At the fringe of the neighborhood Your lips like a thread of scarlet my mouth savored Your tongue tasting like a sweet of apple flavor Your breath on my face Sends warmth across my brain Your touch, oh your […]


I danced around on heaven’s playground Alongside my peers, in our own little world All we knew was laughter and joy What else could we think of in a land without worries? Not for long though, the time came Time for me to depart for the world below A result of a one night stand, […]


If I was a man, I’ll build my home with bricks of Love; And adorn it with pebbles of care. I’ll treat my wife like the woman she is; And wet her face with kisses of adoration. I’ll raise my children with the Word of God; And beautify their lives with gratitude and appreciation. my […]


That special one, who understands my every tear

Holding me in his arms, to fill me with his care

When that time comes, I know I will be prepared

But till then, in the rain will I lose my tears.


  I hear of you on the Preacher’s Pulpit They sing of you in Choir’s songs In everything that is created A trace of you is there imbedded. Trees wave at a being not seen Or perhaps to my face, it’s not revealed Ocean tides roll and roll With their lights all aglow. In my […]