​I opened the NYSC portal with a pounding heart my posting letter was out and I silently prayed I won’t get posted to the exact place virtually everyone close to me had predicted…Taraba State. Well, it was rather too late to begin rendering prayer points when the deed had already been done. My heart pounded […]

No particular title in mind

It’s a late post but there’s just something I can’t seem to get off my head at the moment.  I got talking about my blog with some friends and the first question they ask is ‘how much money are you making from it? And I’m like ‘ I didn’t start my blog with the soul […]


Just when I thought I’ve heard the worst while teaching my students singular and plural with the plural of man being mans (coming from a student of mine), I got the shocker of my life. Oh boy! being an English Language teacher in a local village school (emphasis on the local village) is not beans […]


There comes a time in our lives when we just have to take responsibility for ourselves. Well, as youth corpers serving in a remote village that practically has nothing to offer in terms of pursuing a career during the service year, one has to come up with something, anything at all to make this one […]


Ok I was jobless at work today and I had free Wi-Fi so I decided to tell you guys a story. But first I’d like to know have u ever been driven by an angry illiterate Hausa man? Here is my story. I travelled to see my local government inspector at serty which is like […]


That moment when you are asked to come over for your NYSC allowee clearance for the next month and the previous month’s allowee hasn’t been paid. Oh boy!! come see corpers in the ‘broke ass niggas zone’. Well, allowee or not  man must survive. Every food cooked becomes a valuable and there arises the birth […]


Time for computer science. Topic: Input and Output Devices Now this is where the challenge lies (I really need to break it down to the simplest means possible). After explaining as simple as possible, I decided to ask questions and guess what they didn’t understand my grammar one bit. So, I broke it down even […]

NYSC Musings

And now the long awaited NYSC year. Well, I got posted to a quite remote area called Garbabi in Gashaka Local Government area of Jalingo, Taraba State and…….no I have not redeployed. #smiles. It is all about survival and adaptation..Join me in my new world of fun, experiences and adaptation. Xoxo…..Karis