Diary Of Lagos Job Seekers: The Interview

  If you missed out on the last diary of Lagos Job Seekers post, read up here   So I received a call for an ‘original interview’ and what happened? My alarm refused to raise an alarm. Well, it’s either that or it actually did raise an alarm but I was so lost in sleep […]

Plight of a Job Seeker: Diary of Lagos Job Seekers

False Job Alert   Lagos state is full of hustlers, they will do just anything to make money including inviting you for a non-existing interviews. This can be the plight of job seekers in Lagos State at times. As a job-seeker, you make use of every avenue possible to seek for jobs, including the internet […]

Diary of Lagos Job Seekers

So I finished my service year with a whole lot of expectations. I still remember vividly the common advice from several people back then; ‘make sure you graduate with a good grade so you will get a good and well paid job. Well, after all has been said and done, I can boldly say it’s […]

The Baton Nigeria

The Baton So I found myself somewhere on the streets of Ogba Lagos last Saturday 26th of May 2017; I wasn’t there alone though. I was there alongside men and women (all youths, so you don’t start picturing men in glasses and wrappers) who have made up their minds to stand for and represent the […]