Hello, I’m Alara Oluwaseyi Karis, a passionate lover of life ( at least that’s what God intended anyway)

I love writing, playing the guitar, reading ( really can’t get enough of this). I also love children…..I can’t resist them…..

Oops!! I almost forgot to mention, I love fashion ( anything that makes me look cool).

I believe that if we would all use our divine gifts and abilities for the advantage of mankind, then this world will be a much better place which is one of the reasons for setting up this blog in order to contribute my own quota to nation building.

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  1. Nice contents you have going on here…

  2. Olori kenny shomade says: Reply

    Welldone girl.

  3. Taiwo Adewunmi says: Reply

    Very proud of you dear. More wisdom.

  4. My first time here, following already. More Grace.

    1. wow!!! xoxo glad. thanks a whole lot.

  5. Good job dear… keep soaring higher. lots of love… proud of you dearie

  6. jackson Sapele says: Reply

    nice work Alara

  7. good intellect ….keep it up….

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    1. Thanks a lot petrel😊

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