Thursday, March 21


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My life has experienced a great paradigm shift of recent. I wake up everyday with this great sense of satisfaction “one that comes based on knowing that purpose is being fulfilled gradually”.

I feel I can do anything I set my heart to to do, be whoever I wanna be and get anything I need to get. I feel like a great and dynamic power has been unleashed inside of me bringing with it a sense of confidence that never considers impossibility or failure an option.

Wonder where this came from? It’s from the realm of a conqueror, one who knows where she hails from and her right as a citizen of the heavenly globe.

Life will offer us a thousand and one reasons to give up in our pursuit of purpose, destiny and happiness but it’s left for us to give life just one single reason to stand firm in faith, gird firmly our loins, hold our heads up high and see our purpose through till the end.

I’ve come to realize that the only limitation I have is myself. I can either choose to lay low and just hang around for things to happen OR MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. All that I need is all that I have and that should be a point of beginning in the fulfillment of my purpose.

Take the bold step today, begin right from where you are. Don’t wait till that visualized day where you have all the resources you’ll ever need comes, start with the little you’ve got now. Make it one step at a time and every other thing will begin to fall in place in its own accord.

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When we decide to live our dreams, the forces of nature combine to make sure everything we need to make it a reality is available at our disposal.



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I’m Alara Karis, a writer and blogger who simply loves living each day at a time. Some call me a nerd, some call me a professor. But if you ask me, I’ll simply say I’m an artist who enjoys painting the world in words.


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