rape child

Being A Rape Child Life for a rape child can be really difficult; the book ‘far from the tree’ talks about raising children conceived of rape. More often than not, they suffer from psychological disorder and diverse cases of depression. However, it doesn’t end there for them.  A Constant Reminder In some cases, raped mothers […]

Depression: The Struggle And Dealing With It


Depression Is Real   Depression in this part of the world is not taken so seriously; where some people feel like ‘why on earth should someone commit suicide?’ without stopping to ponder upon what might have been the everyday scenario for such person suffering from depression. Take it or leave it, some people have been depressed, some […]

Revenge: A Story By Wilson Ezama (contd)


Thanks so much guys for your concern and great words of encouragement, I’m back fully now. Love you all real big.   Read up the first part of this story here The room they were belonged to his 9 years old daughter, Ann. She had been gone for three years and the room was intact. […]


I finally summoned enough courage to put this up after giving it so much thought. This period is a really trying time for me and my family, having recently lost my kid brother. It’s really painful but what can I do other than move on with life and always hope for the best. So he […]

Revenge: A Story By Wilson Ezama


Revenge:  Revenge is the action of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.     oxforddictionaries   Crime Scene The two officers observed the scene. They were in what appeared to be a little girl’s room. The room was intact in every way there wasn’t any sign of […]

Dating: How to Get a Girl Online


Where are my darling blog readers? My favorite people, the ones who are always ready to listen and read me at all time. Let’s talk about dating today. I almost went MIA 😁 You know I can’t do that to you, just kidding.   I’ve been carried away with the frenzy of my birthday. Yes, […]

Home For Christmas By Ada Ibe (2)


If you missed out on the first post in this series Home For Christmas, read up here Esther nodded to the beats of Run town’s new hit single, mad over you. She made a note of making a cover for the song as she waved out the window at a childhood friend. Pressing the repeat […]

Diary Of Lagos Job Seekers: The Interview

  If you missed out on the last diary of Lagos Job Seekers post, read up here   So I received a call for an ‘original interview’ and what happened? My alarm refused to raise an alarm. Well, it’s either that or it actually did raise an alarm but I was so lost in sleep […]

Home For Christmas By Ada Ibe


  Sarah Some would say that the air in Calabar changed at Christmas, becoming fresher, smoother, and happy. You could almost taste it. Unfortunately none of those happy thoughts reached Sarah Henshaw in the back seat of the beat up taxi that had picked her up from the airport heading home. Sarah sighed heavily; the […]

Frenemies: Relationships You Should Do Without

Who Are They? Why keep them around when they can’t make you abound? Friends who are neither here nor there; you know what, never leave room for frenemies. They are the type of friends whose words or actions bring you down; most times, you know it’s better to let go of friends like this but […]